Contractor Connection is the premier managed contractor repair network to the insurance industry and has the largest, fully-independent network of managed contractor repairs for insurance companies and consumers. Its network has some of the best construction, building repair and remodeling contractors in North America. Crawford Contractor Connection credentials contractors to ensure they are financially stable, licensed and insured.

In addition, contractors’ performance is monitored to ensure quality service is provided. There are no additional costs to our insureds beyond the policy deductible for any cost of repairs that are covered under the policy terms and limits.

How does it work?

In the event of a qualified claim, Edison Insurance Company will work with Contractor Connection to assign specific contractors to meet your specific claim situation. You can expect the following to occur in the handling of a claim:
  • The contractor will attempt to contact the Insured within 24 - 48 hours of assignment to schedule an appointment to inspect the damages, but often the same day as the claim is assigned to them.
  • The contractor will work with our adjuster to reach an agreed scope and price for the covered damage repairs, and the contractor will repair the covered damages. To provide the best service we can, all you will need to do is arrange times for the adjuster and contractor to have access to the home, and submit your deductible directly to the contractor.
  • Edison Insurance Company will pay the contractor directly once the repairs are completed.

Service Guarantee

The contractor provides a three-year workmanship warranty for the repair of damages they complete on your home, excluding any general wear and tear. The warranty ensures their workmanship shall conform to generally accepted local building repair practices.

Managed Repairs Hotline
(800) 525-7671